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Orthopedic Supplies

Orthopedic Supplies

Orthopedic supplies are important to the human body that is constituted of hundreds of muscles, bones, and joints. When even one of these important components is affected by an injury or a medical condition, the entire body can suffer. We carry an extensive array of orthopedic products such as knee supports, hand and finger stabilizers, ankle and foot supports, cervical collars, shoulder immobilizers, arm slings, elbow supports, back and abdominal binders even for maternity purposes, wrist wraps, different tapes and bandages for strapping and much more! Taking care of an injury in time with any of these orthopedic supplies can help you prevent a potential invasive surgery and months or years of physical therapy.

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1" Conform Bandage

1" Conform Bandage

1" Conform Bandage Curity Stretch Bandage provides softness, low kint, and ..


10" Large/Right Forearm Support
10" Medium/Right Forearm Support
10" Small/Right Forearm Support
10" Xlarge/Right Forearm Support
5.4Qt Sharps Container Each

5.4Qt Sharps Container Each

5.4QT Sharps Container Each..


8" Large/Right Wrist Support
8" Medium/Right Wrist Support
8" Small/Right Wrist Support
8" Xlarge/Right Wrist Support
Cast Protector 18" Pediatric Medium Leg Cast & Bandage Protector

Cast Protector 18" Pediatric Medium Leg Cast & Bandage Protector



Cast Protector 23" Adult Short Leg Cast & Bandage Protector

Cast Protector 23" Adult Short Leg Cast & Bandage Protector

23" ADULT SHORT LEG CAST & BANDAGE PROTECTOR Moisture protection for pla..


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SalivaMax-Severe Dry Mouth...

Are you suffering from Dry mouth that won't go away?  Do you know if its left untreated the lasting effects are: difficulty in speaking and swallowing, burning mouth syndrome, constant sore throat, dry nasal passages, gum disease, tooth loss, cavities.


Mini Omni-Ultrasound based Ost...

Portable Bone Density Assessment solutions for Adult and Pediatrics.  The MiniOmni is compact (2 pounds) can perform anywhere and by anyone.  Used at Health Fairs, Trade Shows, Home health, Physicians, and etc.                                                                                                                                                                Customers use it to improve Preventative Care and Quality Scores, their Medicare bonus, and also as a Cost Savings investment with the CPT Code 76977.  The CPT Code RxHCC87 for Risk Adjustment to identify the "Higher Risk" patients, similar to a Diabetic patient, has even more additional benefits.  http:www.beammed.com/sunlight-miniomni


Emergency High Strength Pressu...

For fast response to severe bleeding & trauma situations Combines a thick non-adherent dressing, elastic bandage, pressure applicator and closure clip in one simple unit. Quick and easy application 


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